Male Infertility Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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It is a disheartening fact that in many parts of the world, even today people believe that it is the women who are responsible for the infertility troubles and the men are always fertile. But it is not only a myth but also a proven lie that men cannot be infertile. In fact, if we go by statistics today, there are more males today who contributes to the world infertile ratio as compared to what the number was beforehand.

The male fertility issues might not be too many as in case of females but they can have some few issues which are equivalents to the many other infertility symptoms. That is why males need to be careful with their reproductive health and should not compromise with their overall healthiness of they want to be free of any major infertility concerns.

To make it more easy for men to understand about male fertility disorder and also to be careful about the same, here we are going to present the causes, symptoms and treatment options of the men in question. Read below to know more about the same and to be alert.

More about male infertility causes

If we consider in general, there are not many causes which can define the exact reason behind a male being infertile. But the normal causes of male infertility include birth defects, infections in the reproductive organs, long-standing clinical conditions, unwanted accidents, stress, age factor, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive drinking and smoking, hormonal imbalance and other such factors.

Some of these are normal everyday life conditions and thus if you can check on to these habits, it is possible that you can deal with infertility issues if you are normally fine otherwise. Also, sometimes, a male can become less fertile, so with proper care, they can be fully fertile again!

More about male infertility symptoms

As far as the symptoms of male infertility are concerned, it is not too difficult to determine whether a male is normal or infertile.

Here are some normal infertility symptoms of the male;

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Non-production of enough sperm
  • Losing interest in physical intimacy
  • No or less show of puberty signs like hair in the body, gynecomastia, etc.
  • Unable to perform sexual intercourse for a long time
  • Testicle infections
  • Small and firm testicles problem in ejaculating
  • Apart from these certain factors, some males may also show up clinical conditions like pain and swelling in the reproductive organs, hormonal conditions, etc. It is as soon as you find out these symptoms in a male, take help of the infertility experts to get comprehensive knowledge about the exact problem with him so that the specialists can provide the required treatment and solutions for the same!

    Now, the details about male infertility treatment/solutions

    Well, the regular male infertility treatments include medical and surgical procedures which the infertility specialists do when they understand the depth and cause behind the male infertility issues. At times, even these treatments can fail in providing results and then you may feel like losing hope in having a child of your own.

    But you no longer have to worry about the failed treatments today as science and technology have advanced much and you have got every other option to have your own child even if you can’t be father biologically. Through the various IVF processes, any male individual can become a father to his own child.

    If your male partner is infertile, you can also opt for sperm donations from other male donors to continue with eth process of fertilization and childbirth. In case, the males are able to produce sperms but cannot perform erection or sex, the sperms can be extracted from their testes through IVF techniques. So, there is nothing to lose hope when you have the assistance of science and technology to your rescue.


    There are many issues related to the male reproductive health which the men must know beforehand so that they can remain alert. Though we cannot deny the fact that infertility is a clinical condition and there is nothing one can actually do about it, at times it is also caused by careless and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

    And when you become careful towards certain habits, it is likely to prevent infertility big time. But even after taking all measures, you fail to avert infertility, you must not lose hope. The male infertility specialist in the fertility clinics ensures that every male is treated well when they suffer from such issues.

    And in case the infertility conditions is non-treatable then the options of having a baby of his own through IVF technologies is always available. So if you or any of your male friend and family suffer from infertility, know that there is always room for having a child of his own despite the infertility condition!

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