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ERECTILE Dysfunction(ED)

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ED or impotence is sexual Disorders characterised by the inability to develop and maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.

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Causes of ED


Lifestyle Factors

  • Smoking clogs the blood vessels thus restricting the blood flow leading to ED
  • Alcohol abuse reduces the sexual desire and can also damage the nerves in the penis, causing permanent impotence.
  • ED in obese men occurs due to clogged arteries and low testosterone levels.

Psychological Factors

  • Anxiety during sexual intercourse
  • Non-realistic expectation for sexual performance
  • Tension in the relationship / rejection from the partner
  • Partner's sexual Disorders / low sexual desire
  • Stressful daily routine

Diseases & Ailments

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Spinal cord and Brain illnesses
  • Injuries that affect pelvis area or spinal cord



Certain drug change the blood pressure and cause a loss of libido.

  • Certain BP drug
  • anti-depressants
  • tranquilizers


  • Have sex when you feel sexual desire
  • Focus your attention on sexual stimuli
  • Concentrate on your personal pleasure
  • Avoid having sex when time and place are not favourable

ED Solutions

Solution needs to have a holistic perspective to have the desired effect.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Reduce Stress
  • Quit Smoking
  • Start regular exercise
  • Stop dependence on certain prescribed drugs
  • Stop Alcohol
Lifestyle hanges

Psychological Counselling

Psychological counselling
  • Think Positively
  • Create a positive image
  • Relax and manage stress
  • Set realistic sexual goals

Sex Therapies

  • Replacement of negative thoughts with realistic and positive thoughts
  • Gradual restoration of sexual intimacy in the relationship
  • Focussing attention on pleasure and sexual stimulation
  • Receiving known ED medication for a short period of time
  • Improving the couple's sexual practices and increasing sexual stimuli

Therapy becomes more effective when the female partner is involved

Sex therapies

Medications and Medical devices

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Upto 80% of erectile Disorders can be corrected by medications and medical devices. Because of simplicity, convenient and non-invasive nature, today it has become the first line of treatment. Treatments includes:

  • Use of drugs that help improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the penis, with the help of oral medication like Sildenafil (Viagra) or intrapenile injection
  • Vacuum Devices are used to temporarily expand the penis. It is effective in 50 – 75% of users
  • Use of hormone therapy in men with low levels of testosterone include injections, patches, or gels

Surgical Treatment

  • Penile implant is a mechanical device surgically placed into penis to produce a natural looking and natural feeling erection. More than 90% of men with erectile Disorders feels satisfied.
  • Tight foreskin can be treated with circumcision and penile curvature can be corrected surgically.
Surgical treatment