If you have been trying to conceive for a while without any success, then it is high time that you and your partner do not delay a fertility fitness test. It makes sense to comprehend the implication of the term infertility and its reasons. In the medical world, infertility is a term that is used to denote failure to conceive after having a year of regular sex minus the use of birth control.

There is a difference between being sterile and infertile. Infertility does not mean that you cannot have a child. By seeking proper medical help, you can have a child.

Both men & women tend to face fertility issues. Around 20 percent of infertile couples have fertility problems in both partners. Astonishingly around 15 percent of the couples are diagnosed problem-free after all tests have been conducted, yet they have failed to conceive. It is termed as unexplained infertility.

Four causes of infertility in men

Commonly infertility in men is an outcome of issues with sperm which includes things like:

• Low Sperm Count implying that you have fewer sperms or no sperm in your semen

• Low sperm motility, which means that your sperm do not move well as they should

• Sperms that are formed abnormally

• Sperm ducts which are blocked

There is another usual problem related to a temporary reduction in the volume of sperm produced in your testicles. It may happen when your testicles are injured or if they were way above their normal temperature for too long. Your sperms may be adversely affected if you were taking drugs or chemicals for too long. Men who drink alcohol or smoke tend to have a low sperm count. If you are a man over the age of 40 and suffering from infertility, then you should consult a male fertility specialist in Pune.

Four Reasons for infertility in Women

• One of the most regular causes of infertility in women is associated with a problem in ovulation. It implies that your ovary does not release an egg. This condition is also known as polycystic ovary syndrome.

• There might be a problem with the fallopian tube that is responsible for carrying eggs from the ovary to the uterus resulting in infertility. Moreover, there is a chance that your tubes are blocked by scar tissue resulting from an infection or a condition called endometriosis.

• Fertility problems in women can be an outcome of smoking or when a woman is underweight or overweight.

• Despite an egg being able to make its way through the fallopian tube, there are many things that may deter it from being implanted in the uterus. For example, cervical mucus may be damaging the sperm or slowing down the progress.

• Age can also be a factor for infertility in women. Fertility rate drops when a woman crosses the age of 35. After the age of 45, a woman rarely becomes pregnant.


If you have failed to conceive after repeated attempts, it does not mean it is the end of the road for you. All you need is to visit the best fertility clinic in Pune. It is imperative to know the underlying causes and how long you have been trying to conceive. A fertility fitness test may uncover the reasons that have been overlooked for so long. Finally, you should talk to your partner and choose a treatment option that suits your preferences.

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Male Infertility Treatment: What You Can Do To Boost Fertility

Friday, 07 February 2020 Written by Super User

Gone are days when infertility was because of females only. The fact is one out of three infertility cases is due to men, and they are too, responsible for infertility half the time. Knowing about this problem can be a challenge for many men, as unable to become a father can make a man feel that he is failing in one of the prime responsibilities. Fortunately, there are treatments available for men, which are helpful.

Male infertility treatment

Most of the times, it is difficult to know the exact cause of infertility. But still, doctors can suggest some treatments which can allow a man to become a father. In cases of infertility, both the partners are examined. This will enable doctors to know whether she needs any specific treatment or can continue with advised reproductive techniques.

Male infertility treatment involves:

Examination of semen and sperm: The patient will be provided a private room along with some magazines for giving a semen sample. Experts will then examine the sperm count, its shape, and movement with other variables.

Usually, a man with a higher number of normal-shaped sperm has better chances of fertility. However, men with less sperm count or abnormal semen are also fertile.

Physical examination: This process can identify varicocele and can indicate the hormonal problem which can be treated through surgery. This surgery is usually done by an urologist.

Testicular Biopsy: This is done when no sperm is detected in semen. Through a needle biopsy of testicle, it is possible to know whether the patient is making a healthy sperm or not. In the case of sufficient sperm production in testicles, the possibility of blockage is expected somewhere, which can be treated.

How to boost male fertility

Below mentioned are simple things that you can implement in your life for boosting fertility.

Increase the intake of antioxidants: You might have heard that antioxidants fight cancer and heart problems. They can also treat infertility to some extent. There are antioxidants which are known for increasing the sperm count.

- Zinc: It is found in red meat, bean, and poultry.

- Vitamin C: Available in various fruits like oranges, lemon, kiwi, grapes.

- Selenium: Found in tuna, chicken, and beef.

- Vitamin E: Eat nuts, leafy vegetables, and oil for this.

- Folic Acid: Green veggies, beans, fruits, and peas are a good source of Folic acid

- Lycopene: Tomatoes, watermelon, and apricots are a good source of Lycopene.

Add these ingredients in your food, or you can also take supplements for the same.

Keep a watch on soy intake: Too much intake of soy can decrease your sperm count. It is a misconception that soy is only found in tofu. The fact is, it is also present in energy bars and many health drinks. However, it is suggested that overweight people should avoid soy intake. While for everyone else, consuming soy in excessive quantity may prove unhealthy for reproduction.

Check the presence of toxic chemicals in the workplace: In case of difficulty in conception, you have to check the presence of chemicals in your working area. Metalworkers, farmers, welders, varnishes’, and painters may have higher chances of infertility. The exact reason behind this is still unknown, but it is believed that chemicals present in the vicinity can cause harm to sperm count.

So what is the solution to this condition? Well! The one thing which you can do is avoid direct contact with these chemicals. Wear masks, gloves, or keep your body covered for less impact of chemicals.

Male Infertility specialist in Pune

Many big cities like Pune are known for the efficient treatment of male infertility. If you want yourself to be treated with the best specialist in Pune, then do check the rating of infertility specialist in Pune along with patients’ reviews before actually booking an appointment.

Be comfortable with the doctor and tell him about your problem without any hesitation. There are many male fertility specialists in Pune, who can help you in getting into fatherhood.

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What is Secondary Infertility and its Solution

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Secondary Infertility

Infertility or inability to conceive a baby is a mentally painful and extremely challenging situation for couples who are planning to extend their families, but unfortunately, are not able to do so.

The term may sound new for the newbies but has extremely simple to understand. Secondary infertility is a medical situation when a woman is not able to conceive a baby after planning for the second time. Theories have indicated a lot of critical cases where there are suitable remedies and coping mechanisms to deal with this medical condition but the ground reality has another face to this. Dealing with the challenges of secondary infertility comes with its terms and conditions and requires professional guidance to be driven until the end. So, let us first dive into various reasons and related questions that we crop in your mind in case you are looking for a solution to this tragedy.

Why can't I conceive for the second time?

Well, the most prominent and common question that may arise in your mind in this situation is why you are not able to make it. In most cases, secondary fertility may happen due to various common and obvious reasons that you might have ignored at a certain stage.

  • The age factor. Yes, the age gap certainly has a lot of impact in this case especially, if you had your first child after reaching the age of 32 or later, I'm still hoping to conceive the second one around 37 or 39. Believe it or not, but age is a major deciduous factor here that influences the case accordingly. However, the situation may get improved.
  • Secondly, you may also fall prey to secondary infertility in case you are trying to conceive a baby with a new partner. This may happen because of the fluctuations in sperm count resulting in undiagnosed infertility problems for the second time. However, the medical conditions may vary from person to person but the basic issue remains the same.
  • Another apparent reason for secondary infertility may be due to endometriosis, or fluctuations in your ovarian reserve of which you are always unaware.
  • Now, this is not that predictable but the weight factor also affects the possibilities of being prone to secondary infertility. Being overweight or underweight can result in various ovulation problems. In a lot of cases, new parents gain weight due to pregnancy and various other reasons like insufficient sleep or stress. Certainly, this becomes a major contributing factor here.
  • Women who have been a patient of diabetes or increased blood pressure are also likely to develop this situation. These factors mainly not found that relevant for secondary infertility but certainly, it has a lot of impact over the chances of a woman being entrapped into it.

Possible treatments

There are a lot of possible treatments in the field of medical science for infertility treatment that can be provided in cases of secondary infertility. However, the treatment for secondary infertility resembles a lot of methods to deal with primary infertility issues. Also, there may be a lot of hormonal and physiological causes for this but these can be avoided up to a certain level.

IVF Treatment: While going through Vitro fertilization, eggs are removed from the body and united with sperm in the laboratory to develop embryos.

These are then transferred back into the uterus to make the whole infertility treatment successful.

Undoubtedly, IVF treatment is one of the most successful techniques of treatment where the fertilisation of the ova is carried out by using conventional IVF techniques or by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in some cases.

What should be done then?

The first thing you should be aware of is definitely if you suffer from this situation or not. Secondly, the factor you need to take into consideration is your age, as this will decide the span of guidance and prescription you need. If you belong to the age group of 32-35, you should look for professional medical assistance in case you don't conceive even after 1 year of attempt. Often, you might get misled by your hope that if you keep trying you will conceive one day, even after the unjustified time has already passed. But continuous delay in seeking help may reduce the chances of you conceiving it at the earliest. So, never delay as in that case, still, there would be no guarantee if you will be able to get over this stage of infertility or not. In such a situation, Infertility treatment is still the most preferable option one should go for.

Remember, it is always advisable to seek medical assistance in a case expected results to not appear but the delay should never be considered as an option.

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IUI Service in Pune and its Cost in India

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IUI service and its cost in India

Life without a child not only leaves couples with a sense of emptiness but also takes a toll on their relationship. Assisted Reproduction Techniques are making it possible for couples to handle infertility appropriately by diagnosing the exact cause.

One of the best infertility treatments in India is IUI-Intrauterine Insemination.

What is IUI Treatment?

Simply put, intrauterine insemination is the introduction of sperms right into the uterus to induce fertilization using artificial methods. The aim of IUI is to increase the chances of the egg getting fertilized by enhancing the number of sperms reaching the uterus with the assistance of ovulation-inducing drugs and Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound that helps to predict the ovulation. IUI services in Baner are best in terms of success rate and cost.

IUI procedure is minimally invasive and compared to other ART solutions is most cost-effective.

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Best Food to Increase Fertility in Men and Women

Monday, 14 October 2019 Written by Super User

Food for Increasing Fertility

Today we will be looking at infertility problems. The woman not being able to conceive after a span of one year or more, despite having unprotected sex, indicates fertility problems in a couple.

What are the factors affecting female fertility ?

Age, smoking, alcohol, or extreme weight gain or loss are the factors that affect a woman’s fertility level. Women in their 30s or 40s plan to conceive start a family. Aging increases chance of miscarriage or having an abnormal baby.

Aging leads to decrement in the quantity and quality of eggs. may attract other health issues with age, that may support infertility.

Smoking or alcohol also causes infertility, as substance abuse is bad for health. Women who smoke or drink a lot may have fertility issues.

What are the fertility treatments available today? Infertility is treated with medication or intrauterine insemination. Different factors determine the fertility treatments to be taken.

To take the right fertility treatment you need to consult the doctor.

Medication taken by women to treat infertility is a clomiphene citrate that induces ovulation. You need to familiar with medicine that can induce ovulation as well. There are other medicines like Metformin and Bromocriptine which help women conceive faster by produce more improving ovulation.

Next, we can take fertility foods to boost fertility.

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Advanced Fertility Treatments in Pune and its Cost

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Advanced Fertility Treatment

The infertility treatment costs anywhere in the world depend on what kind of treatment you are paying for or how many IVF cycles you may need for a successful pregnancy followed by childbirth. But if we go by the normal costs, it can be said that the IVF treatment costs are also not too expensive that the average earning families can't bear.

Now, talking about the infertility treatment cost in Pune; well, it may range from anywhere between 1 lakh to 2.50 lakhs depending upon the condition of the infertile couples, the infertility specialist you are hiring and the modes of treatment you are opting for!

There are many modes of advanced infertility treatment options available in front of the infertile couples seeking treatment in Pune amongst which the IVF solutions work more in their favor as compared to the medication and surgeries.

We shall discuss more details on the cost of such advanced fertility treatments in Pune but before that let us discuss the possible treatment options available for the infertile couples through which they can also experience the joy of parenthood even though they are permanently infertile. Keep reading to know more

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Is it Beneficial to take rest after infertility treatment?

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Infertility might come with utter disappointment and heartbreak but the IVF solutions and other fertility treatment procedures help in demolishing such disappointments and helps the infertile couples have a baby who they can call their “own”.

It is good news that lots of people today are taking the IVF route to manage their infertility woes and experience childbirth through the process unlike before when convincing people for the same was too difficult.

Back then, people did not have the proper knowledge and idea about the entire infertility treatment options available which consisted of the IVF solutions primarily. The technology was also not so improved and people always feared more health complications due to undergoing such infertility treatments.

But today, science and technology have advanced so far that if we go by the statistics we can find out that there are millions of babies today who are living happily and healthily and were born through various IVF techniques. Thus, it is safe to undergo IVF process for the treatment of infertility.

Some questions demand answers….
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Male Infertility Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Friday, 10 May 2019 Written by Super User

It is a disheartening fact that in many parts of the world, even today people believe that it is the women who are responsible for the infertility troubles and the men are always fertile. But it is not only a myth but also a proven lie that men cannot be infertile. In fact, if we go by statistics today, there are more males today who contributes to the world infertile ratio as compared to what the number was beforehand.

The male fertility issues might not be too many as in case of females but they can have some few issues which are equivalents to the many other infertility symptoms. That is why males need to be careful with their reproductive health and should not compromise with their overall healthiness of they want to be free of any major infertility concerns.

To make it more easy for men to understand about male fertility disorder and also to be careful about the same, here we are going to present the causes, symptoms and treatment options of the men in question. Read below to know more about the same and to be alert.

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IVF Cycle at CheQKmate

Friday, 10 May 2019 Written by Super User

A IVF Cycle differ from patient to patient and clinic, and after assessing the individual circumstances, an IVF specialist may decide how to proceed with the IVF cycle.

The typical IVF cycle at CheQKmate involves 2 simple stages.

1. Pre IVF Workup

In the Pre IVF Workup, our IVF Specialist will go through the previous medical history & screening of both the partners. Followed by psychological counseling, which is quite necessary for successful IVF treatment.

2. The Medical Cycle

Once the detailed assessment and psychological counseling have been completed our Infertility Specialist, the patient will be put on medication to prepare the ovaries and uterus for the final stage.

Let’s see the IVF cycle as described in the Infographics.

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5 Modern Effective Techniques to Overcome Infertility

Thursday, 25 April 2019 Written by Super User

With the advancements in the modern medical science male and female infertility conditions can be treated successfully. One need not worry about how to overcome infertility, as several fertility treatment options are available around which will let you fulfill your dream of parenthood.

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IVF Treatment Process and IVF Success Rate - Explained

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 Written by Super User

When any person needs IVF treatments, it generally means, he or she have surpassed all other options of fertility treatment and now left with only IVF treatment process to deal with their infertility issues. If we go by the statistics, every year, millions of infertility issues are reported worldwide, amongst which most of them need to undergo IVF treatments to have a child of their own.

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Life is long; but Fertility is Short

Saturday, 17 June 2017 Written by Super User

Just when you're leaning in to your life, you can start hearing it in the distance: the drumbeat of fertility anxiety. Your drive and ambition could be earning plenty of wins, but people still whisper that your biological clock is ticking and your ovaries are shriveling, so if you don't lock down a baby daddy and procreate before your early 30s, you might never be able to.

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Smoking and Sperms! Alcohol and Fertility!

Friday, 16 September 2016 Written by Super User

There cannot be any apprehension that smoking and alcohol is the most dangerous habit one can get addicted to. These dreadful habits affects the life expectancy of an individual and it is also said that every cigarette a man smokes reduces his life by 11 minutes. On the other hand alcohol may damage the heart, brain, liver and pancreas.

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Burden of Infertility

Friday, 16 September 2016 Written by Super User

We all have that one friend who is a good listener right? He/ She may not give us solutions but will never interrupt while we express ourselves completely and take out all our emotions. When we are stressed or at the lowest low mood, we just need someone to express a shoulder to cry.

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