When Will I Conceive?

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Mera Number Kab Aayega?

Waiting to hear the “good news” after you have tried hard, is something that can test your patience. The scene of the pregnancy news coming as a surprise is no longer common. A 25 year old with a kid is more an aberration than a norm these days. Today, everything needs to be planned; even conception. We know about these women who need to plan, even a conception; cause we’re these women.

Lot of couples feel that stopping the pill is enough to lead to a conception, but that isn’t always the case. So, let’s get a know how on the 3 'C's of conception - Chances, Choices and Care.

What’s your Age?

If you and your partner are well without any known serious medical problems and are able to have regular sex and under 35 years, you should give yourself at least 6–8 months before you start to worry. Fertility evaluation is usually done after a year of trying because more than 80% of you will conceive by then.

• At the age of 30 yrs, a woman has a 20% chance per cycle of conceiving.

• At the age of 40 yrs, a woman has a 5% chance per cycle of conceiving.

• After the age of 40 yrs, the chance per cycle of conceiving reduces drastically. Even the fertility of men post 40 years goes downhill because of the inferior genetic quality of sperm due to ageing.

Where are you on your stress scale?

Couples who have or do not have fertility issues; stress can reduce your chances of conception every cycle. Studies have shown reduced chances of conception in woman who are stressed out during the ovulatory window. Having sex according to calendar can mechanise the process and can throw your hormones off balance reducing your chances of conception. A study has shown that stressed out women are 15% - 20% less fertile than the rest. So, relax especially during your most fertile time.

Do Yoga, Exercise & Meditate – do what helps you let go and feel at peace.

How long should I wait ?

• If you’re 25 years of age, there are 1 in 4 chances that you would achieve pregnancy within 4 months.

• If you’re 26 – 39 years of age, there are 1 in 7 chances that you would achieve pregnancy within 7 months.

• If you’re 40 years, there are 1 in 20 chances that you would achieve pregnancy within 20 months.

What can improve my chances of getting pregnant?

Once you’ve decided to take a plunge into the family way, certain tweaks can help you improve your chances of conception.

• Kick those bad habits - stop smoking and drinking since they not only have a negative impact on conception but may also affect a developing foetus. Cutting down on your caffeine can improve your fertility.

• Get into a proper shape - It is important to maintain a healthy BMI, being overweight or underweight can lead to hormonal imbalance and prevent ovulation. Exercise not only causes release of hormones which improves your fertility but also cuts back on your fat deposit leading to a healthier BMI. One must be careful not to overdo exercise as it may have negative impact on fertility. Have a wholesome diet inclusive of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.

• Have regular sex - Though this seems to be the most obvious thing, it is pertinent to mention here that it is important to have sex at regular intervals instead of ‘trying for a baby’ during mid cycle only. By keeping sperm fresh with regular intercourse, you’ve a better chance of getting pregnant.

• See a Fertility Specialist -If you or your spouse have any concerns which you may feel can reduce your chances of fertility, see a Fertility Specialist.

What are my chances of conception with various fertility treatment options?

Not all women can become pregnant the natural and the traditional way; some of them may require the help of assisted reproductive technology. The techniques that may be needed can vary from basic techniques like Ovulation Induction and / or IUI to advanced ones like IVF / ICSI to Third Party Reproduction like Surrogacy and/or Egg/Sperm/Embryo donation. Success rate of various treatment options are as follows (these may vary from center to center) -

Ovulation Induction   8% – 12% per cycle

Ovulation Induction with IUI   14% – 18% per cycle

IVF / ICSI (with self eggs / sperm)   40% – 50% per cycle

You need to remember that you cannot always plan pregnancy. While it can take you up to six months to get pregnant, it might not, and you could become pregnant the first time you try.

To sum up, here's a quick snapshot on the 3 'C's of Conception -

• Chances of conception vary with the age of the female.

• Choices we, knowingly or unknowingly, make in our day to day life affect fertility.

• Care of yourself and your spouses health can go a long way in improving your chances of conception.

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