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‘Seeing you for the first time is the greatest awakening of my life.’ this is what a mother realises during her very first USG. A mother sees her baby only through USG for the entire 9 months. It is one of the most important forms of the effort that you and your doctors take to ensure your baby’s health and accurate development. There are many queries as well as concerns in a mother’s mind with respect to ultrasound like – is sonography safe for my baby? Will sonography give all the information about my baby, which sonography should I do, etc.? So, let get into an insight about sonography.

What is Sonography?

Sonography (USG, ultrasound or a scan) refers to a very simple procedure wherein; a device is used to check the development of the baby in the uterus. USG stands for ultrasonography. Average number of ultrasounds varies with each pregnancy.

I’m in the 2nd month of my pregnancy & my doctor has advised me sonography!!!

A sonography is one of the most important tools in the first trimester to know about the duration & location of pregnancy as well as whether it a single or a multiple pregnancy. Between 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, sonography can pick up the heartbeats of the baby as well. It may also show up fibroids or cysts or any other abnormalities in the abdomen, if any.

What kind of sonography will I be subject to?

A sonography is usually done using a probe over the abdomen (trans-abdominal), wherein you’ll need to have your bladder full. In some cases, you may be recommended for a vaginal sonography (trans-vaginal) to get a clearer image of your baby.

Is sonography safe for my baby?

It is important to understand that sonography involves use of ultrasonic waves, unlike x-ray wherein radiation is used. Scientific evidence does not show any harmful effect on the baby and if needed, repeated sonography may be done.

What is an Anomaly Scan?

Anomaly Scan is the sonography that is done in the second trimester (18-20 weeks) during which a detailed view of the baby is obtained to rule out any kind of gross structural abnormality.

I’m into my 38th week of my pregnancy. Do I need a Doppler ultrasound?

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta starts maturing, which may affect the blood flow to baby’s body. A Doppler ultrasound looks into the amount of blood flow to the baby so as to help decide about the timing of delivery.

When asked, majority of the mothers say, that it was the sonography they used to enjoy the most. Sonography is just a way of keeping an eye over your baby. All a mother keeps saying is ‘It’s been a long time without you, my baby, and I shall tell you all about it when I see you again.’ Feel blessed, stay happy and carry yourself with grace as its pregnancy when a woman looks most beautiful!!

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