Aye Zindagi, Gale Lagale (Fertility Treatment Options)

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For a couple trying to conceive, it feels punishing to accept the fact that they may not be able to conceive naturally. But then, it’s just going to be a bit difficult, not impossible! With the help of technology and various refinements in the existing treatment protocols, most of the fertility problems are treatable with high success rates.

Which factors will help decide my treatment?

• Age of both partners

• Duration of Infertility

• Condition causing Infertility

• Lifestyle factors

• Hormonal Status

• Stress Levels

• Your own choices

A thorough analysis of the above factors along with medical examination and testing is followed by a course of medical action best suited for you.

What are the treatment options available?

Due to the technological advancements in the field of medical science, infertility, to a large extent, is treatable. So do not push yourself to the edge of frustration, patience is the key. Once your physical and mental well being is ensured, you may be subjected to fertility treatment of help you out. Let us introduce you to some of the fertility treatments available -

• Ovulation Tracking

• Ovulation Induction

• Artificial Insemination

• In vitro fertilisation

• Fertility Surgery

• Third Party Reproduction

Will I be directly subjected to IVF / ICSI?

No. Not necessarily. Two of the most important deciding factors for the treatment options are the age of the woman and the cause and duration of infertility. Women with ovulation problems or unexplained infertility will usually conceive with treatment options like Ovulation Induction with or without artificial insemination. You may check on to the Fertility Management Ladder for more information.

Fertility Management Ladder

Women with poor ovulation reserve, blocked fallopian tube & cases of severe male infertility may be recommended to directly go for IVF / ICSI. Click to know more about IVF / ICSI.

I’ve been lately hearing a lot about Surrogacy & Donation. What is it?

The creation of a baby usually involves a male & a female partner. In cases, where two of you are not enough (or in some rare cases where your doctor recommends), involvement of a third person in the form of a donor (egg, sperm or embryo) or a surrogate (wherein a baby is grown in other woman’s womb) maybe required.

Depending upon your exact fertility situation, you will be offered the most optimal method to help you out. Do not drive yourself towards negativity. Half the solution to any problem lies in defining it. Stick to positivity and things shall change in your favour. We are here to assist you through your difficulties. We will try and make sure that life embraces you by bringing a healthy and smiling baby in your arms!

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