Male Infertility Treatment: What You Can Do To Boost Fertility

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Gone are days when infertility was because of females only. The fact is one out of three infertility cases is due to men, and they are too, responsible for infertility half the time. Knowing about this problem can be a challenge for many men, as unable to become a father can make a man feel that he is failing in one of the prime responsibilities. Fortunately, there are treatments available for men, which are helpful.

Male infertility treatment

Most of the times, it is difficult to know the exact cause of infertility. But still, doctors can suggest some treatments which can allow a man to become a father. In cases of infertility, both the partners are examined. This will enable doctors to know whether she needs any specific treatment or can continue with advised reproductive techniques.

Male infertility treatment involves:

Examination of semen and sperm: The patient will be provided a private room along with some magazines for giving a semen sample. Experts will then examine the sperm count, its shape, and movement with other variables.

Usually, a man with a higher number of normal-shaped sperm has better chances of fertility. However, men with less sperm count or abnormal semen are also fertile.

Physical examination: This process can identify varicocele and can indicate the hormonal problem which can be treated through surgery. This surgery is usually done by an urologist.

Testicular Biopsy: This is done when no sperm is detected in semen. Through a needle biopsy of testicle, it is possible to know whether the patient is making a healthy sperm or not. In the case of sufficient sperm production in testicles, the possibility of blockage is expected somewhere, which can be treated.

How to boost male fertility

Below mentioned are simple things that you can implement in your life for boosting fertility.

Increase the intake of antioxidants: You might have heard that antioxidants fight cancer and heart problems. They can also treat infertility to some extent. There are antioxidants which are known for increasing the sperm count.

- Zinc: It is found in red meat, bean, and poultry.

- Vitamin C: Available in various fruits like oranges, lemon, kiwi, grapes.

- Selenium: Found in tuna, chicken, and beef.

- Vitamin E: Eat nuts, leafy vegetables, and oil for this.

- Folic Acid: Green veggies, beans, fruits, and peas are a good source of Folic acid

- Lycopene: Tomatoes, watermelon, and apricots are a good source of Lycopene.

Add these ingredients in your food, or you can also take supplements for the same.

Keep a watch on soy intake: Too much intake of soy can decrease your sperm count. It is a misconception that soy is only found in tofu. The fact is, it is also present in energy bars and many health drinks. However, it is suggested that overweight people should avoid soy intake. While for everyone else, consuming soy in excessive quantity may prove unhealthy for reproduction.

Check the presence of toxic chemicals in the workplace: In case of difficulty in conception, you have to check the presence of chemicals in your working area. Metalworkers, farmers, welders, varnishes’, and painters may have higher chances of infertility. The exact reason behind this is still unknown, but it is believed that chemicals present in the vicinity can cause harm to sperm count.

So what is the solution to this condition? Well! The one thing which you can do is avoid direct contact with these chemicals. Wear masks, gloves, or keep your body covered for less impact of chemicals.

Male Infertility specialist in Pune

Many big cities like Pune are known for the efficient treatment of male infertility. If you want yourself to be treated with the best specialist in Pune, then do check the rating of infertility specialist in Pune along with patients’ reviews before actually booking an appointment.

Be comfortable with the doctor and tell him about your problem without any hesitation. There are many male fertility specialists in Pune, who can help you in getting into fatherhood.

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