Best Food to Increase Fertility in Men and Women

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Food for Increasing Fertility

Today we will be looking at infertility problems. The woman not being able to conceive after a span of one year or more, despite having unprotected sex, indicates fertility problems in a couple.

What are the factors affecting female fertility ?

Age, smoking, alcohol, or extreme weight gain or loss are the factors that affect a woman’s fertility level. Women in their 30s or 40s plan to conceive start a family. Aging increases chance of miscarriage or having an abnormal baby.

Aging leads to decrement in the quantity and quality of eggs. may attract other health issues with age, that may support infertility.

Smoking or alcohol also causes infertility, as substance abuse is bad for health. Women who smoke or drink a lot may have fertility issues.

What are the fertility treatments available today? Infertility is treated with medication or intrauterine insemination. Different factors determine the fertility treatments to be taken.

To take the right fertility treatment you need to consult the doctor.

Medication taken by women to treat infertility is a clomiphene citrate that induces ovulation. You need to familiar with medicine that can induce ovulation as well. There are other medicines like Metformin and Bromocriptine which help women conceive faster by produce more improving ovulation.

Next, we can take fertility foods to boost fertility.

Foods that boost fertility are:

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seed kernels can be eaten if you roast them without salt. You can consider getting the butter made out of sunflower seeds, as well!

Why Does This Seed Boost Fertility?

It is an excellent source of Vitamin E. If men take more Vitamin E, they can quickly boost male fertility. This food is more for men as it can increase sperm count, sperm motility, and improve DNA fragmentation. It also has many other food nutrients that are good for your health.

How to Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Sprinkle them into your and use the sunflower seed butter instead of margarine. It is so delicious! Put two tablespoons of butter into your spread and chow it down.

Fresh Orange or Grapefruit Juice

If you want something healthy, try taking grapefruit and orange juice. This promotes semen health. Putrescine also adds to female fertility by making the eggs more healthy. In a study, old female rats were fed with water filled with putrescine. The rate of defects decreased by half. So drink more grape juice!

It also has more vitamin C which may balance female hormones.

You are getting more juice into your diet. Blend the orange juice and grape juice to make a smoothie. It can be taken separately. You can also eat these two fruits with salads, which is also super nutritious.

Grape juice might not work well on certain medications, and sometimes it may have side effects with medication, so consult the doctor before taking grapefruit if you are on medication.

Eating Mature Cheese

Mature cheese contains polyamines. These proteins can be derived from plant and animal products. They are also found in humans. Polyamines play a significant role in the reproductive system. Mature cheese has putrescine and can make men's sperms healthy. However, it can make you fat if you overeat, so make sure that you take it in small amounts. It has lot of calories in it, so If you are on a diet, you might want to eat some other fertility foods instead.

Full-Fat Yogurt and Ice Cream

These are full-fat dairy products like milk and cheese. Women who consume full-fat milk products have fewer ovulation problems compared to people who consume fewer dairy products. The easiest way to get your ovulation problems solved is to switch from low-fat dairy products to full-fat dairy products. You can add some full-cream milk to your coffee if you want better ovulation. If you love yogurt, get full-fat yogurt as well. Also, make sure if you are having an ice cream, you can consume only two servings per week. Being overweight also affects fertility, but if you lose weight on a fast track, it may affect your fertility levels. Make sure that you do everything moderately and consult a nutritionist and double-check with your fertility expert.

Some other foods and treatments can help treat infertility. Consult the specialist to manage your fertility problems.

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